“The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung was forever saying, ‘wholeness for humans depends on the ability to own our own shadow’ — our ‘shadow’ being the dark angry, egocentric and alienated aspects of our lives that we can now ameliorate with understanding. Humans can finally be rehabilitated from a psychologically upset existence to secure ‘wholeness’, health and happiness.” Jeremy Griffith

The fabulous TRANSFORMATION of the human race that understanding of the human condition finally makes possible

By Jeremy Griffith

As I summarised in my introductory video, THE Interview That Solves The Human Condition And Saves The World!, we now have the completely redeeming, uplifting and healing biological understanding of the core mystery and problem about human behaviour of our so-called ‘good and evil’-stricken human condition thus ending all the conflict and suffering in human life at its source, and providing the now urgently needed road map for the complete rehabilitation and transformation of our lives and world!

We can understand ourselves now. We can make sense of all the chaos, suffering and seeming madness in human life. Science has finally made it possible for the whole jigsaw of confusion and mystery about us humans to be fitted together so that it all makes sense. In particular, we can understand why we fully conscious humans corrupted our original all-loving and all-sensitive instinctive self or soul. Yes, the great burden of guilt from having destroyed the magic world of our soul has at last been lifted! We have found the key understanding that ends the underlying pain in our brains and allows the human race to become sound and sane again!

Key Unlocking the Mind illustration by Matt Mahurin for ‘Time’, Nov. 29 1993

The light of transforming understanding now comes streaming into the dark cave-like world of confusion, suffering and denial we have been living in and the whole experience will be like waking up from a nightmare!

Computer graphic of people greeting the rising sun with outstretched arms

As I also said in THE Interview, the psychoanalyst Carl Jung once said that ‘wholeness for humans depends on the ability to own our own shadow’, and since we can now ‘own’ the ‘shadow’ of our species’ 2-million-year-corrupted condition, the human race is finally in a position to become ‘whole’. The word ‘psychosis’ literally means ‘soul-illness’ and ‘psychiatry’ literally means ‘soul-healing’ (derived as they are from psyche meaning ‘soul’, osis meaning ‘abnormal state or condition’ and iatreia meaning ‘healing’ see pars 63 & 72 of FREEDOM), but we have never been able to ‘heal our soul’, explain to our original instinctive self or soul that we, our fully conscious thinking self, is good and not bad and by so doing reconcile and heal our split selves but now at last we can. And the more we digest this relieving understanding of our fundamental goodness, the more healing relief comes to every aspect of our psychologically upset condition.

This desperately needed transformation of the human race from living in a wretched state of upset anger, egocentricity and alienation to living in peace, togetherness and happiness finally gets underway. And so exciting and relieving is this breakthrough, and the freedom from the human condition that is now on offer to every human, that before long there will be a stampede of people who have joined the human-condition-resolved sunshine army on the sunshine highway to the world in sunshine!

The extraordinary transformation of the human race that this understanding makes possible is evident in the following three short video presentations.

The Sunshine Highway with people

This first short video featuring members of the Akritidis family in Melbourne, Australia all of whom are part of the WTM Melbourne Centre (WTMMelbourne.com) reveals how wonderfully relieving, reconciling and healing being able to understand the human condition is. You will see how the father has been able to compassionately understand, and therefore be honest about, his extremely egocentric behaviour and how psychologically crushing it has been of everyone (see chapter 8:16D of FREEDOM, The ‘power addicted’ state). And you will see how relieving the honest understanding we now have about the relationship between men and women (see chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM, Men and women’s relationship) has been for the women in the family. And you will see how the younger members of the family are so relieved to be able to understand why it has been so difficult for young people to cope with the soul-destroyed, seemingly mad world we live in. And the relief the family and everyone now can experience from finally being able to understand the human condition just goes on and on!

Video of the Akritidis family from the WTM Melbourne Centre, Australia

This next video shows Linda MacCarthy, founder of the WTM Dublin Centre (WTMDublin.com), describing how fabulous it is to finally be able to understand and love ourselves and each other, and also how relieved she is that we can now help young people with the extreme distress they are suffering from having to live in such an exhausted, crazy world.

Video of Linda MacCarthy from the WTM Dublin Centre, Ireland

And this next video shows a 23-year-old Millennial, Lucas Machlein, founder of the WTM Nice Centre in France (WTMNice.com) talking about how this information saved his bewildered young life, just as Linda MacCarthy hoped it would do for young people.

Video of Lucas Machlein from the WTM Nice Centre, France

Yes, as Lucas said, ‘All the information started growing on me and I started…​understanding things and people around me for the first time, the way they are. It’s totally healed my depression, I can sleep at night, I don’t feel stressed or I don’t feel guilty, I don’t have any shame. It totally rewired my understanding of the world…​Before I encountered the information I was actually really stuck in myself and I wasn’t even trying to look at the world anymore. I wasn’t watching the news, and I was pretty concerned just about my own human condition and trying to hide it from people, trying not to show I was depressed, not looking at people, taking distance from my family, travelling to another country and always being on the run, always changing groups of friends and changing work. I was just trying to wrestle with and understand what was going on in my head and that’s when I found the information…​And now I feel healed. I feel I understand myself. I understand my life and I can understand other people’s lives. I can understand my family, the people I grew up with or even people I just met. I can tell what they are trying to do. The strategies they use, how they cope with life. It’s pretty exciting. It’s a wonderful tool…​it’s a way to really understand people to the core and be able to love and appreciate them for who they are and for what they are doing and having a lot of empathy. This is really giving us the empathy. The intellect has finally the ability to work with the soul. They join hands in this, in our purpose to love each other and to be part of a greater family, a greater group’ (7 Aug. 2020).

Yes, not just young people but the whole human race can now finally understand, appreciate and love each other ‘The intellect has finally the ability to work with the soul. They join hands in this, in our purpose to love each other and to be part of a greater family’.

Adam Stork reconciled instincts and intellect and now transformed

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